Things (now with extra STUFF!)

GGPRbanner2-817x350Currently splitting time between a new project for Pro Se that’s part of a shared universe and working on Lazarus Gray volume 8 (which is now over 40,000 words long). Both are going pretty well, especially Lazarus. Volume 7 was a novel-length tale but with this one, I’m going back to having a series of short stories. I’m currently working on the fourth tale for that collection and there will be one more after this one, making for a total of (hold on while I break out the calculator…) five stories.

I’ve been reading (and loving) THE MIDAS LEGACY by Andy McDermott. It’s the 12th book in the Wilde/Chase series and so far it’s shaping up as one of the strongest in awhile. I consider these books to be very good examples of New Pulp and I’m stunned that no one has turned this series into a movie or a television show. I’d watch it!

Seeing lots of “favorite/least favorite” posts of various types out there so I figured I’d jump in with my favorite comic book series of 2017. Here we go:

  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (BOOM)
  • Go Go Power Rangers (BOOM)
  • Savage Dragon (IMAGE)
  • Rom (IDW)
  • Defenders (MARVEL)
  • Amazing Spider-Man (MARVEL)

Looking at the list, I have to say that ASM *barely* snuck on the list. It’s been very up-and-down this year. Defenders is getting canceled so there you go… Nobody is more surprised than me to see two Power Rangers books on this list but they’ve been really good! Gives me a nice Wolfman/Perez Teen Titans era vibe and that’s high praise from me. Speaking of Titans, I am reading the ongoing Titans book from Dan Abnett but I alternate between enjoying it and hating it so it didn’t make the list so there’s no DC titles on my best-of. That’s *really* unusual!

What comics did you love in 2017?

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