Blade Runner 2049 – and a new review!

Saw BLADE RUNNER 2049 today and loved it! I was worried that it might somehow mar the original but it was quite the opposite – I actually think this one was better than the first film! The lovely Ana De Armas stars as Joi in the film and an image of her accompanies this post.

Meanwhile, Ray Bara posted this review of LAZARUS GRAY VOLUME SEVEN on Amazon:

Another Barry Reese New Pulp Classic! 5 Stars

Barry Reese continues to churn out New Pulp gems. Lazarus Gray Volume Seven was awesome! Assistance Unlimited is back in full force, literally and figuratively. They’re all here: Lazarus, Samantha, Morgan, Eun, Abby Cross, Eidolon, and Black Terror. They’re joined by the mystic, Sheridan Masters. They fight several great villains: their recurring enemy, Femi; the Mexican criminal mastermind, El Demonio; and the King in Yellow, the lord of another terrible dimension. Lazarus Gray is his usual pillar and strength and righteousness. He defeats the bad guys and leads his team with his power and wisdom. The action in this novel is fierce, constant, and enjoyable. Assistance Unlimited saves Sovereign City with style, grace, and energy. Sheridan Masters is a nice new character. Femi is a wonderful recurring foe, though she might have finally met her match … Or has she? Reese has done it again. Another action-packed adventure that leaves me wanting more. Read this one and anything else Barry Reese writes!

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