Bits and Pieces

gravediggerTweaked the look of the blog — I may fiddle with it a bit more… but hey, now we have that snazzy George Sellas image back on top!

Recently read FROST by Donald Wandrei… that guy could *write*. I love his characterization and descriptive passages. I was proud to write a I.V. Frost/Moon Man teamup that will appear soon from Moonstone. Great character.

Still working on THE SECOND BOOK OF BABYLON — on pace to finish before the end of this month!

Currently reading Spider-Man: Forever Young by Stefan Petrucha. This is a prose novel, basically an adaptation of the old Life Tablet storyline that Lee and Romita Sr. did back in the 1960s — only updated to the present, so you get references to Lady Gaga. It’s been fun so far.

I’ll be back soon with more news and upates.

Our art today is by Mitch Ballard and features Gravedigger!

3 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

  1. Mark

    Hi Barry, a quick query – I found out about your Shadow Fan podcast just today and was looking for a place to find the episodes. However, the old address ( has been taken down and only gives a 404 error now. Google, the Internet Archive and various other searches have all failed to find anything. Is there anywhere else on the net you know of where your episodes are available? Cheers.

      1. Mark

        That’d be kind of you, but rather a lot of work for just my sake. If I can make a suggestion, perhaps I could find a free hosting site for the files and organise putting them back online. (I work in IT so finding something suitable shouldn’t be too difficult.) That way the hard work you’ve done on the show wouldn’t be lost and they could be kept online for everyone. I’d be happy to arrange this if you think it would be useful to you.

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