A New Review of The Peregrine Volume 2

Amazon user ChickJ is back and he’s given the second Peregrine Omnibus a 5-star review. Here’s what he had to say:

And I thought I loved the first book the best. Silly me. This book is much better. I was wondering about the Black Mass and The Four Peregrines answered it. Satan’s Trial and The Diabolical Mr. Dee are just pure wonderful pulp. A Plague of Wicked Men was great, but my favorite was The Devil’s Spear. The only thing about the book was The Scorched God. It was very enjoyable but it should have been put much earlier in the book. It had a few so-called surprises which were already explained in previous tales. Still this book, along with Peregrine One, is a must read for lovers of pulp. The future of pulp has arrived.

Glad you enjoyed the book! It’s funny that you cite The Devil’s Spear as your favorite – as a writer, I felt like that one got away from a bit and I’ve never thought of it as one of my best. You never know how readers will respond to something!

As for The Scorched God, you’re right that chronologically it occurs before some of the other stories in this Volume. It was decided to run it in order of publication but we honestly could have gone either way with it. I really enjoyed writing The Furies and Sun Koh.

Thanks again!

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