Gravedigger 2 Gets Reviewed

FunTony is back! This time he’s commenting on the second Gravedigger book. Here’s his review:

Charity Grace is back as Gravedigger and still kicking ass ! Once more Barry Reese has Gravedigger battling bad guys and more unsavory foes from the paranormal ! Reese seems to have a good handle on the other worldly villains, giving us a glimpse on how normal humans can open portals and try to engage these entities for their own greed ( Maybe a more detailed glimpse is lacking so we don’t try the same thing by accident ? ) Never fear though Gravedigger lives up to her name and puts an end to them one after the other, not only working to save her soul but her humanity as well and become the better person her 2nd chance has offered. I truly love the fact that while he has multiple series going we do not have cookie cutter characters on the side of either the good guys or the bad guys. You can tell he has put forth a lot of effort in creating each character, even the villains. Can’t wait for Volume 3 in the Gravedigger series or the Next Lazarus Gray ! Done with those then dive into the Peregrine series ! All are 5 star adventures !

Thanks so much, Tony! I appreciate the time you put into your reviews and love your insights!

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