The Peregrine Reviewed!

ChickJ returns with a look at the first Peregrine Omnibus. Here’s what he had to say:

Wow! I have same feeling when I first read The Meteor Menace(My first Doc Savage)

I like his Lazarus Gray series and the Gravedigger. The side character Peregrine I didn’t really care for in those books but I like his writing (Barry Reese) and wanted to read his whole universe. So I decided to start with his first series. (Originally he called the character The Rook but changed the name.)

Wow! His first stories, Lucifer’s Cage, Kingdom of Blood, made me feel like when I first read The Meteor Menace. (My first Doc Savage and that was a very long time ago). Where his later tales were like eating chips, this one had meat on it bones. And believe me when you read The Black Mass you will be chasing every book to find out what happens.

If you are a true pulp fan this series is for you. Tell your friends and anyone else who will listen. Thank you Barry for bring back the old fun feeling of pulp. (I also the way old time pulp characters make cameos.)

Thanks very, very much! I’m really touched by your words and appreciate that you took the time to post the review!

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