Three New Reviews!

FunTony47 returns, posting reviews on of The Peregrine Omnibus Volume One, The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Six and The Adventures of Gravedigger Volume One.

First up is the 5-star review of The Peregrine:

The Peregrine brings to mind other vigilantes of Pulp’s great era like The Shadow. He is driven by the senseless death of his father and by the visions forced into his mind by his dead father. He is much more of a loner at the start but soon builds a network of friends and even a wife to help him in his journey against the evil of mankind. Some authors of multiple book series have kind of a formula and reading them it can seem like all they did was change names and tweak a story, Barry Reese is not that kind of author. The Peregrine is totally different from Lazarus Gray and the Gravedigger. You can feel the love he has for Pulp’s bygone heyday and his characters evoke the feel of the greats from that time while being totally unique ! I can’t wait to dive into Vol 2 and the rest of the Peregrine’s adventures.

Here’s what he had to say about Lazarus Gray 6:

After reading Gotterdammerung I thought Lazarus Gray was finished ! Vanquished at the hands of a mighty foe that brought together The Peregrine, Gravedigger, Lazarus Gray and Assistance Unlimited as well as others to save not just Sovereign city but the world, I had thought maybe Assistance Unlimited might continue under a new head. I should have realized his new wife, the former Kelly Emmerson, would not allow Lazarus to Rest In Peace ! Thanks to her effort as well as Assistance Unlimited, Lazarus returns from torment in Hell to lead his friends in the battle against evil !

And here’s his review of the first Gravedigger adventure:

So I had made my way through Barry’s great Lazarus Gray series and needed something to fill the void. Figured I would dive into Gravedigger and enjoyed the stories immensely ! First let’s get it out of the way, Gravedigger is female. Not a damsel in distress female either but an ass kicking, sword wielding badass who is out to save not only her soul but humanity as well ! Charity Grace is the latest in a very long line of Gravediggers and the first female. She has just 3 years to redeem her soul from eternal damnation. Apparently redeeming one’s soul means kicking bad guy’s butts and slicing off their heads! We get plenty of action as Barry delves not only into her backstory but the story of Gravediggers of the past. ( I for one would love to see stories of multiple Gravediggers from the past ! Maybe they are in the works ? One can only hope ) Set in the same city as the Lazarus Gray books, Sovereign, Charity has ample opportunity to kick some serious tush ! Loved the stories and can’t wait for more (Already into Vol 2!)

Thanks so much, Tony! I appreciate all of your feedback!

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