Lazarus Gray Gets Reviewed!

An Amazon user named “FunTony47” posted the following review on the Omnibus edition of Lazarus Gray. Let’s see what he had to say:

So there I was looking to find a new Doc Savage book in the Kindle store and I stumbled upon a recommendation for this book. Had never heard of the author or the characters but figured I would give it a shot. The result was truly amazing ! Gave up looking for more Doc Savage and started reading all of Barry’s awesome books I could get. You get the feel of the pulp thrillers of bygone ages and he pays homage to those who went before. He pulls you in with his stories and you lose yourself in the adventure. I devoured all of the Lazarus Gray books available and moved on to Gravedigger and then The Peregrine. The universe he has created is awesome and very detailed. You get the feeling it should be found on any map of the US. Sovereign City doesn’t feel like a renamed New York ala Gotham. It is truly unique and wonderful. The characters are deep and well thought out and by the end of the book they feel like a good friend.

If you are looking for a great read take a look at this and all of his fantastic works!

Thanks so much, Tony! I’m honored that you went from reading Doc Savage to enjoying my little pulp adventure universe! I hope you’ll keep reading as the various titles continue through 2017 and beyond.

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