The Reviews Keep Coming!

José Rivera posted a review of The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Six on Amazon. He gave it five stars and said the following:

Reading a new volume of Lazarus Gray is like being wrapped in a blanket of comfort and familiarity. You’d think after so many volumes and the loss of Lazarus after the crossover novel that things would begin to wind down. NOPE! Even with their leader away, the team carries on. In this volume we get a few stories, one of which sees the return of Mr. Death. Our old friends Bob Benton, Abby Cross and Eidolon return, along with appearances from The Heap and Nakam, whose origin I really enjoyed.

I can’t get enough of the tales of Sovereign City. And now that 1938 is coming to a close, I can’t wait to see what 1939 has in store for Lazarus, Kelly and the entire team over at Assistance Unlimited!

Thanks, José! I feel the same way about Lazarus and his friends – when I return to Sovereign City, it always feels like coming home. This strange family unit have become pretty special to me and I’m glad that so many people have expressed similar sentiments.

1939 will be another interesting year for Assistance Unlimited so keep watch!

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