Another 5-Star Review!

Ray Bara gave the newest Lazarus Gray book five stars in a review that he posted on Amazon. Let’s see what he had to say, shall we?

Barry Reese has done it yet again! Lazarus Gray Volume Six is just another jewel in the crown of a New Pulp prince! The book starts off with a fast-paced adventure without Lazarus Gray, who died in the previous novel, Gotterdammerung. Despite Gray’s absence, Assistance Unlimited continues its founder’s vision of righting wrongs and solving crime in and around Sovereign City. The group has picked up a few new members, including Gray’s “widow” Kelly and the Black Terror, who has appeared in other Reese stories.

In the later stories, all of which are wonderfully written and action-packed, we see Assistance Unlimited face numerous enemies, both old and new. We see the return of Princess Femi and Mr. Death, and the emergence of new foes, including Nemesis and the Librarian. These foes are, of course, handled nimbly by Assistance Unlimited, some to fight another day, others probably for the last time.

Eventually, Lazarus returns from the dead. He’s not quite the same, but is still a tower of strength and justice. Without spoiling his methods, I enjoyed the way Reese raised him from the dead and the character he chose to bring Gray back.

Barry Reese has penned another New Pulp classic. If you haven’t read his work yet, I wonder why not? If you have read everything he has written but Volume Six, go read it, now! He has already written Volume Seven; I hope to see it soon!
Thanks, Ray! I really appreciate that you took the time to review the book – and I think you’ll see Volume 7 later this year!

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