Current Activities

rookclaws1_catalyst_smallThis week is being spent doing some additions to the Captain Action novel — I’m pretty proud of how this book has turned out and I’m really curious to see if folks that enjoyed the first two books by Jim Beard will like this one. The majority of the plot of this book came from Jim with most of the writing being done by me — with significant contributions and oversight from  Jim. I think the meshing of our styles has produced something quite unique.

Next week I’ll return to working on Nightveil. I’m about 20% of the way through that one so if things go well I will finish it sometime in April (fingers crossed). I’m having a blast writing this character!

George Sellas is going to be working soon on a new cover… for quite awhile, I’ve thought about having some sort of sourcebook for my universe. It would contain bios, essays, the timeline, etc. Do any of you have an interest in that sort of thing?

I have to finish Lazarus Gray Volume 8 and write the first volume of Assistance Unlimited: The Silver Age in 2017 but then I got an idea for a new iteration of Gravedigger… I need more time in the day!

Thanks to everyone for supporting the release of Lazarus Gray Volume 6 — sales are brisk and I appreciate all the fans of Assistance Unlimited.

Our art today is of my character Catalyst — he’s popped up in several Peregrine stories and is a member of The Claws of the Peregrine team in the late 1940s. A predecessor of his appeared in several Lazarus Gray tales, as well. He’s actually one of my oldest surviving characters, having been created way back in 1986! This image is by Anthony Castrillo.


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