Ouch! A New Review!

Over on Amazon.com, a user named Wayne reviewed The Adventures of The Peregrine Omnibus Edition Volume One. He bought the audible version and… well, he didn’t like it. Here’s what he had to say:

I want my credits back! One star.

No, really can I get my money back?

It’s hard to say how BAD this book is. The story line is so horrible I could not get past the 3rd hour of this train wreck. The writing style seems tailored to a third grader, with a little violence.

Congratulations to Berry Reese. Out of over 300 audible books that I’ve listened to, with its share of regrets and disappointments, the Peregrine Omnibus is the fist that I could not finish.

Sorry you didn’t like it, Wayne! Hopefully your next audible purchase will meet with your approval.

It’s never fun to get a negative review but nothing will ever please everyone. Thanks again for the review.