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Never disturb the dead. For generations, we’ve heard the stories – and the warnings – about those who sleep for centuries yet do not rest. By ancient ritual, by violence or by accident, they are left for dead, but they are not at peace.

Flinch Books, publishers of adventure fiction in the vintage pulp style, unearths some of these legends with the release of RESTLESS: AN ANTHOLOGY OF MUMMY HORROR, a collection of six terrifying tales by some of the most talented storytellers on the New Pulp landscape: Barry Reese, Teel James Glenn, Sam Gafford, Duane Spurlock, John C. Bruening and Nancy Hansen. The anthology is edited by Flinch Books founder and content editor Jim Beard and publishing partner/editor John C. Bruening.

RESTLESS is available now in print format on and A Kindle version will be available later in 2017.

The world knows well of Imhotep, Ankhesenamon and other icons of ancient Egypt who continue to fascinate and mystify long after their passing. The tales of their reawakening and the horrors they bring back with them from the dead have been the stuff of legend for generations.

But beyond the pyramids and desert sands of the Middle East, there are mummies who sleep in other, less likely parts of the world – South America, Europe, Asia and beyond. Wherever their place of origin, whatever their horrific demise, they dare to defy death itself and return to the realm of the living to settle that which remains unresolved.

“Mummies stand as some of the most underserved monsters in fiction,” notes Flinch Co-Founder Jim Beard. “RESTLESS is here to balance the scales, and with diversity of theme and locale. Though many of the stories are set in the past, this is a mummy anthology for the 21st century.”

You can find RESTLESS: AN ANTHOLOGY OF MUMMY HORROR on at the following link:

You can also purchase RESTLESS from at:

Founded in 2013 by Jim Beard, Flinch Books is an independent print and digital publisher that produces adventure fiction in the classic pulp style. Previous releases include THE MIDNIGHT GUARDIAN: HOUR OF DARKNESS; BIG TOP TALES: SIX STORIES OF CIRCUS ADVENTURE; and SOMETHING STRANGE IS GOING ON: NEW TALES FROM THE FLETCHER HANKS UNIVERSE.

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