Lots of Stuff!

gravedigger_04_small_jpgThings are very busy around here so let’s give a run-down on what’s happening:

  1. The Peregrine Omnibus series is continuing with the release of the third volume. I’ve already approved the galleys so it should be out soon!
  2. My Ki-Gor stories that were originally published years ago by Wild Cat Books will be re-released in a new edition by Pro Se. I’ve seen the cover and it is lovely! It’s by Mike Fyles.
  3. Currently about 20% into the third volume of Gravedigger. This one is set in 1939 and resolves the matter of Charity Grace’s three-year tenure as the title hero. Will she be found wanting or has she done enough to remove the burden of sin from her soul? I’m hoping that George Sellas will be back onboard for cover and interiors.
  4. I’m taking some old fanfiction stories of mine and rewriting them to star a new hero, Babylon. I have the interior art pieces by Steven Wilcox already and George Sellas did a nifty color piece of the hero.
  5. Talking to Chris Batista about doing some design work on a new female hero that will debut soon.
  6. Submitted a mummy story to Flinch Books for inclusion in an upcoming anthology – if it meets with their approval, you can expect to see it appear in print before too long!

Our art today is by Will Meugniot and comes from the first volume of the Gravedigger series!


  1. You had made me very happy today, with all this information. Still, as always, I have some questions, and observations 🙂

    Ad.1 – How soon is “soon”? A rough estimate, maybe? Cause waiting is a special kind of torment… Not to mention more adventures of The Peregrine are always welcome 🙂

    Ad.2 – My poor, poor wallet is going to be empty again… Still, it’s for the greater good 😛

    Ad.3 – Waiting for the epic ending of Charity’s story, though it is also kinda sad, when I realize it’s the end…

    Ad.4 – Now, this one got me really interested. Never knew, You had written fanfiction before… Is it still available somewhere? Or if not, could You share for which fandom(s) had You write? I have a dark fanfiction episode of my own, concerning Harry Potter fanfiction, from my mid- to late-teens, which I do not like to talk about, but I still love reading the work of others, who actually know what they are doing…

    Ad.5 – New female hero? Now that sounds interesting… Would she be connected to Sovereign City-verse, or a separate character? Cause I can totally see a future daughter of Lazarus Gray and Kelly Emerson continuing the family tradition of fighting evil, and being awesome…

    Ad.6 – After “Rabbit Heart” I kinda dread thinking about anything horror-related written by You… I mean, it would certainly be good, as always, but as I had mentioned before “RH” was rather excessive…

    Also, some time ago, in one of You tweets, one from 31.08 to be exact, You had mentioned “plotting a crossover story with another writer”. Could You share some more info about that project? For the meantime I keep my fingers crossed for a crossover with Derrick Ferguson’s Fortune McCall.

    Once again, thanks for all Your work, and patiently answering my questions.

    1. 1. I’d think it would be within the next few weeks!
      2. Hah!
      3. Same for me. Of course, we’ve seen with both Josef and Mortimer that it’s possible to have stories past the judgement day…
      4. I used to write Marvel, DC and Valiant Comics fan fiction. A lot of it is still posted in various places. Most of it dates from 1996-2003 so it’s old and probably not very good lol
      5. Right now I think it will be a separate project but I might change my mind. I do have plans for Lazarus’ daughter, though.
      6. This is much tamer than Rabbit Heart, don’t worry.

      The crossover would feature Gravedigger and a character currently being published by Airship 27…

      1. Thank You for replying, it is really nice that You take time to answer questions from fans, despite being occupied…

        Ad.1 – On one hand I am happy, that the wait would not be long, but on the other hand I kinda hoped that the release of Peregrine’s third omnibus would be somewhere during my paid leave, which ends at 15th. So I would be forced to sneak my Kindle into the office, and pray that My Boss would not notice… Yet again 😦

        Ad.3 – Still hoping for some series, or even a short story with Samantha and Charity working together, and proving that Family Grace still kicks ass.

        BTW. Do You have any plans to return to The World of Shadows in the future?

        Cause I think that Eobard, Ferrian, Korben, Miriam and other characters that You had introduced in “The World of Shadows”, and “The Flesh Wheel” deserve to get into the spotlight once more. Especially since You had really grown as a writer since creating them, so I think it would be interesting what You could do with them now…

        Also, here is my review of “The Family Grace: An Extraordinary History”, sorry for only giving it four stars, but I was kinda disappointed by the fact, that only first few stories were new to me, but then again, it is kinda my fault, for not buying the books in chronological order…

        Also, sorry for lack of paragraphs, and making it a huge Wall of Text, Amazon’s word limit on reviews really gets to me…


        Ad.4 – Well, I find it interesting to see author’s growth, from their fanfiction days, to going professional, and You are probably too harsh on Yourself. I mean, talent is still there, even if it’s unpolished.

        For example I still find Joe Ducie’s (Written as Joe6991) “Harry Potter and the Wastelands of Time” to be one of the most epic works in Potterverse fandom to date, dwarfing J.K. Rowling’s original work through sheer epicness and scale.

        Same with Jim Bernheimer’s (Written as Jbern) Harry Potter “The Lie I Lived”story, which is my favorite Potterverse fanfic period, for it’s humor, and creativity, not to mention introducing my favorite Original Character to date.

        While they had stopped writing fanfiction, after going pro, both of them are still quite active in HP fandom, and keep they Fanfiction.Net profiles…

        So, in a nutshell, I would still like to see Your old fanfics 🙂 Any links?

        BTW. About Valiant… Some time ago, when browsing Your Amazon profile, I had found, that You had written Shadowman novella “Shadowman: The Red Sash” in 2013.

        Now, I am familiar with the 90’s incarnation of the character, as well as his Michael LeRoi version from Acclaim comics, and games, but haven’t really read modern comics yet. Is the prior knowledge about this incarnation of Jack Boniface needed to enjoy the novella, or can it be read without it?

        Ad.5 – So they would have a daughter… Nice to know 🙂 Now I am left wondering, if she would meet Emma Grace/ The Peregrine III and Kayla Kaslov…

        It is kinda interesting BTW. With all the hints about the possible future of The Peregrine’s legacy, You could write about those characters for the next 30 years, and still be interesting. I hope I would see that… I mean, wouldn’t it be great if each generation of Your heroes got as many adventures as their predecessors?

        Ad.6 – Thanks for reassurance. I mean, I love gory movies, being fan of B-Movies, like pretty much everything from Troma, but “Rabbit Heart” kinda got to me in a way I had not expected…

        Thanks again, and I hope to be able to read Your stories for the years to come.

      2. I’d still like to do a Samantha/Charity story at some point. So many stories to tell, so little time!

        No plans for new World of Shadows stories right now but you never know.

        I think some of my old stories are up at Avengers 2000, the Pendragons site, the VFA, DC Legends and Faux-DC but I don’t have the links handy, sorry.

        I like to think the Shadowman story tells you all you need to know but it obviously helps to be familiar with the current version of Jack Boniface.

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