New Review

img_7617An user named Brett L. has posted a review of The Peregrine Omnibus Volume One. He gives it 5 stars:

Entertaining and lively. Ok a little too gruesome for me at times, but the author really put their heart into these stories, great throwback to pulp tradition of the Spider and the Shadow. The hero was flawed but just enough – didn’t wallow in it with every page. Killed the first Omnibus in a weekend at a resort and am not waiting to go back to the resort before I start Volume 2.

Thanks for the kind words, Brett! Sorry it got a little violent for you – I try to keep my Peregrine stories in the PG-13 range but it might sometimes veer upwards from there. If you felt it was a bit gruesome, you might want to avoid Rabbit Heart — I definitely go ultra-violent there!

Looking forward to hearing your comments on Volume Two.