Another 5-Star Review!

black_terror_01_smallOur old friend Raven has reviewed Gotterdammerung and he gave it a full 5-stars at Amazon! Here’s what he had to say:

Evil such as the world has seldom seen strikes without warning. Adolph Hitler’s Occult Forces Project, overseen by Heinrich Himmler has succeeded in raising two beings that they cannot hope to control.

Darhoth, the Mother of Pus is the child of Shub-Niggurath, the Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young—one of the Great Old Ones. With her comes her servant, Vulthar, the Dark and Formless. The two possess the bodies of two members of an expedition to find Valhalla—a search that goes horribly wrong!

Now the Third Reich and the Cthulhu Mythos creatures join into one unstoppable force. But not if The Peregrine, The Gravedigger, and Lazarus Gray have anything to say about it! The heroes join forces, along with The Dark Gentleman and Andre Thierry. Thierry’s time as the Catalyst is technically over, but a new Catalyst has not yet been chosen, and Andre can still pack a wallop!

The battle will be fought on several fronts: Sovereign City. Washington, DC. Berlin. Hy-Brazil. What price will the world have to pay in this clash of Titans?

There are several things I have come to expect from Barry Reese. The first thing is non-stop action. The book starts much like the striking of a match just prior to tossing it into a flammable liquid. Just a touch and the fire explodes into life growing rapidly and engulfing everything. The story begins with a bang and grows until the final climax bursts into fireworks above a world forever changed.

The second thing is colorful heroes and sometimes even more colorful villains. Both are served up here with relish. Barry’s own creations join forces with such heroes as Black Bat, Black Terror, Doc Daye, Fortune McCall, The Heap, and many more. The villains are just as colorful. The Mother of Pus and Vulthar, two servants of the Elder Gods, are joined by Mr. Death, whom I would describe as a mix of Baron Samedi, the Grim Reaper, and the Joker from DC Comics.

The last thing I have learned to expect is to expect the unexpected. I will admit that this one took me totally by surprise. I don’t believe any reader will be really prepared for the twists in this story. You are going to love it!

I give this book five stars plus!

Quoth the Raven…

Thanks, Raven! I always appreciate what you have to say – Mr. Death really seems to have struck a chord with the fans and I’m glad to say that he plays a role in the sixth volume of the Lazarus Gray series, coming out later year!

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