New Pulp Author Barry Reese has been a noted and innovative author in New Pulp and a part of Pro Se Productions for several years. Creating characters such as The Peregrine and Lazarus Gray and finding new nuances to such Public Domain classics as Doctor Satan and the Black Terror, Reese has carved his own niche out of Pro Se in his imprint, Reese Unlimited. Now the award-winning scribe takes it up a notch with the debut of GOTTERDAMMERUNG, a novel length crossover of the Reese Unlimited universe. 

“Crossovers,” says Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions, “are nothing new for Barry Reese. With a skill like no other, Barry blends characters no one would ever imagine complimenting each other together in a story like they were meant to be on the same page. But GOTTERDAMMERUNG is next level, even for Barry. To take all his characters, from the three identified as his ‘leads’ to public domain favorites he’s reinvigorated and reinvented, and put them together in the same novel is truly epic. That is the only word to describe this book. This is the Epic that Barry Reese fans, especially myself, have been waiting on since he first put words to paper.”

A terrible evil is about to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world… and only an unlikely alliance between vigilantes, mystery men, and sorcerers has a hope of saving humanity! 

Award-winning author Barry Reese brings together characters from his many pulp adventure series set throughout his Reese Unlimited universe for one cataclysmic tale. Featuring The Peregrine, Gravedigger, Lazarus Gray, The Dark Gentleman, and more! GOTTERDAMMERUNG! By Barry Reese. From Reese Unlimited and Pro Se Productions.

Featuring a stunning cover by Chris Batista, mind blowing interior illustrations by Mitch Ballard and phenomenal print formatting and book design by Sean E. Ali, GOTTERDAMMERUNG is available now at Amazon at and Pro Se’s own store at for 15.00.  

The imprint wide Reese Unlimited crossover is also available as an Ebook, wonderfully designed and formatted by Forrest Bryant and available for only $2.99 for the Kindle and for most digital formats via Smashwords at

For more information on this title, interviews with the author, or digital copies to review this book, contact Pro Se Productions’ Director of Corporate Operations, Kristi King-Morgan at

To learn more about Pro Se Productions, go to Like Pro Se on Facebook at


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