The Diabolical Dr. York!

yorkMost of The Peregrine’s enemies are of the done-in-one variety: they pop up, bedevil our hero and then get killed. The Warlike Manchu is really the biggest exception to that, though The Peregrine has also clashed with Doctor Satan on multiple occasions.

But what about the deadly Doctor York? Why doesn’t this bad guy get the credit he deserves as one of The Peregrine’s archfoes?

Who’s that, you say? You’ve read all of The Peregrine Chronicles and aren’t familiar with Doctor York?

That’s because he’s faced The Peregrine multiple times but never done so in prose (at least, not yet!).

York first appeared in All-Star Pulp Comics (2011) # 1, in a story written by me and drawn by by Craig Wilson. Set during The Peregrine’s days in Boston (1933), this tale introduces us to our would-be master villain. York is a former scientist that is now in service to the Elder Gods. His body is the receptacle for dark energies that have have the unfortunate side-effect of altering his appearance. His brain now floats in a clear glass dome above his torso… York has plans to sacrifice the daughter of one of The Peregrine’s friends but our hero manages to foil the scheme and York is dragged off to the nether-realms by his angry masters.

Case closed, right?

Not quite!

York returned in The Peregrine Animated Script that was published in Tales of The Rook Volume Two (2014) and which will be reprinted in The Peregrine Omnibus Volume Three (coming soon). In this story (set somewhere in the 1936-1937 period), York has managed to acquire the body of Princess Femi, the immortal enemy of Lazarus Gray. York revives her in hopes that she’ll aid him in destroying The Peregrine but once again he is dispatched back to Hell. How did he survive his prior defeat? We’re told that York was persuasive enough to convince the Elder Gods that he deserved a second chance. Who knows if they’ll be as understanding after yet another loss.

I originally created York because in both the comic book and proposed animated adventure, I wanted someone with a really strong visual. He turned out to be quite fun and I plan to bring him back down the road. Until then, he has the distinction of being the one Peregrine villain who has yet to headline a prose adventure.


  1. Are You planning to bring Doctor York back, this time in prose? Cause that description really got me interested in this character… Who could not fall in love in mad scientist/cultist of Dark Forces with floating brain for a head?

    Not to mention the fact, that if I recall correctly, Peregrine’s Boston years were only mentioned, not shown before, so it would be really interesting to see what Max had done before his arrival to Atlanta, and meeting Evelyn…

    Also the part with The Peregrine Omnibus Volume Three “coming soon” really made me smile 🙂

    Thank You for Your great work!!

    1. I’ve definitely wanted to bring back York – though I’ve gone back-and-forth about where. I could see him challenging not only The Peregrine but Gravedigger or Lazarus, too.

      Ron Fortier wrote a Peregrine story set during his Boston days – that one will appear in the third Omnibus.

      Thanks for the comments and support!

      1. Definitely waiting for the Peregrine’s third omnibus then… Well, I was waiting for it anyway, but now I am even more eager to read it 🙂

        I also have a question about another of Your characters that really interested me, but sadly only appeared in a single story. I am referring to Doctor Metropolis from “Die Glocke’s” second part “The Antichton Crisis”.

        Is he Your original creation, or is he based on previously existing character?

        Cause I think that an idea of older, crankier expy of Doc Savage with a bit of Superiority Complex, and penchant for showing off how awesome he is, who adventures with his daughter that is no less brave, or incredible as him, as well as with his rather ordinary, but still brave and resourceful son-in-law, who patiently, if grudgingly, endures his eccentricities, and patronizing attitude is really brilliant.

        I would gladly buy a book about those characters, and really think it would be a shame, if they were only used once as a background for a larger Lazarus Gray story…

        Once again, thanks You for all Your hard work!

      2. Those are my original creations. I had planned to write a novel featuring them but it ended up stuck in a drawer so I revised it to fit in that Lazarus Gray story. I enjoyed them a lot but don’t have any plans to revisit them, I’m afraid.

  2. A shame… As I mentioned before, I think that idea is brilliant and really unique among numerous Doc pastiches.

    Still, You have enough work with Lazarus Gray, Peregrine, and Gravedigger, so without having superpowers writing that much would be pretty much impossible 🙂

    I know that I am asking a lot of questions today, so really sorry if it is annoying, but I have another one, that I just had to ask:

    What is the present state of Sovereign City Universe? Cause, no offence to anyone, but You seem to be the only one of the original creators of this world, who still writes about it…

    I mean, the last Derrick Ferguson’s story about Fortune McCall appeared a year ago, and it wasn’t even the second book, but only a short story. An awesome short story, no doubt about that, but it’s not the same, as full-sized novel I was eagerly waiting for.

    Not to mention the fact, that Tommy Hancock’s Doc Daye hadn’t made an appearance to this day (That I know of), despite being a rather prominent figure in the Sovereign City, mentioned as one of the great heroes by both Lazarus Gray, and Fortune McCall.

    I know they are probably quite busy with other projects, but it feels like they had lost interest in the awesome world they helped to create… I sincerely hope, that I am dead wrong, and it’s only my inner fanboy ranting.

    1. I believe that a new Fortune McCall volume is on the way and Tommy Hancock is hoping to get Doc Daye out fairly soon – part of the thing is that I’m just a lot more prolific than most writers, plus Derrick has things like his Dillon series to concentrate on. And, of course, Tommy has Pro Se publishing duties. Have no fear, though, Sovereign will continue!

      1. Thank You for answer, that really put my fears to rest. Now I will have to wait for those books 🙂

        BTW. Just bought “Götterdämmerung” for my Kindle, reading it right now, so expect another review pretty soon.

    1. Of course I did! Once I had started it, I couldn’t put it down, till I finished… Actually right now I am reading it for the second time, while pretending to work, but don’t tell my boss 🙂

      Thought I never expected that You would actually kill off [SPOILER], despite hinting it before… That really was shocking.

      I mean, wow, that was a really bold move, that would send waves around whole Sovereign City Universe. And now I am even more impatient to get my hands on the third volume of “The Adventures of Gravedigger”, and sixth volume of “Lazarus Gray”…

      So thank You for writing this book, and waiting for more!!

      1. Wow! You read fast 🙂

        The death is definitely followed up on Laz Gray 6 and given the way life & death works in these stories, the door may not be completely closed…

        Working on a Peregrine novel and Laz 7 right now. Then Gravedigger 3 will be on my list, probably to wrap up that series as a trilogy.

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