New Lazarus Review

Over at, reader J.L. Stubblefield has posted a review of the Lazarus Gray Omnibus. Here’s what he had to say:

I have looked for novels that harken back to the pulp era, or for me the ’70’s when I first discovered pulp novels as pocket book reissues. Mr. Reese is a welcome find for me. The stories are well written action stories that don’t take forever to get to the point. Some of my problems with modern men’s fiction is that the books often clock in at over 500 pages. That is a major commitment! I digress. If you like quick paced, action stories. I recommend Lazarus Gray. It’s the second book I’ve found that actually got me to read with a kindle. As my family would probably tell you, that’s endorsement enough!

Thanks for the kind words! Obviously, I have a deep affection for those old Bantam Doc Savage paperbacks, as well as the Ace Conan reprints, etc. They were my own gateway into the world of pulp fiction and I’m pleased that you’d compare my work to them. I share your feelings about eBooks – I own a Kindle but I rarely use it as I still prefer the hard copy. The world is changing, though, and I know I have to try and change with it – glad that my stories are making that transition easier for you!

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