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lg09_eun_jiwon_smallThings continue to be quite busy in Barry Land — I’m hard at work on the second story in what will eventually be Lazarus Gray Volume 6 and I’ve agreed to write a high fantasy novella that will tie in to the Hammer and Forge supplement to Ganesha Games’ Song of Blades setting. I’m also going to be doing a story for Steven Hudkins featuring his great New Pulp hero, The Warden.

Plus, I turned in the second Dark Gentleman short to Pro Se a few weeks ago!

So, yes, even when I’m not updating the blog, please be assured that new projects are in the pipeline.

So what will Lazarus Gray Volume 6 bring? How about: a quest dealing with resurrection and loss; a new member of Assistance Unlimited; the return of a former member of the team; new villains; old villains; and special guest-stars aplenty! It picks up right where the big crossover novel leaves off but hopefully you’ll be able to follow along even if you jump straight from Volume 5 to this one.

Stay tuned, true believers! Good stuff is on the way!

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