Rabbit Heart Slashes Its Way To A New Review!

rabbit_heart_newAmazon review Matthew Bieniek had the following things to say about Rabbit Heart:

Not for the squeamish, but well worth the read 4 stars (out of 5)

I was familiar with Reese’s work on the Peregrine series, and his storytelling skill is evident here as well. Over the top with detailed descriptions of sex and violence, and frequently the combination of the two, this book was one that I didn’t want to put down. While many of the details of what happens to the seemingly endless stream of victims are fairly disgusting, if you can get past the gore, there’s a pretty good story here, populated by some likable protagonists and a thoroughly repugnant antagonist.

I don’t know that I can stomach reading this one again, but I think I would be interested in a sequel with these lead characters. Hopefully the body count will be a little lower next time.

Thanks for the kind words! Yes, the story can be a bit explicit but I really wanted to dive into some dark places and I like to thin that I succeeded on that front. I started a sequel years ago but never moved forward with it — who knows? Maybe I’ll return to Fiona at some point.

We’ll see!

Thanks again.

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