July 2015 Updates

RU Ad smaller_smallerFinished off the first story in what will eventually be The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Six – it turned out quite well, adding a new member to Assistance Unlimited, dealing with the fallout from the “crossover novel” and even tying in to several old Lazarus stories.

Now I’m doing research for the second story – the history of the NSDAP Office for Enlightenment on Population Policy and Racial Welfare is dominating my reading at the moment. Interesting – and scary! – stuff. I hope it will translate into a good story for you guys.

Posted a mini episode of The Shadow Fan’s Podcast a few weeks ago. Hopefully I’ll do more soon. We’ll see – cross your fingers for me!

I’ve heard from the guys at Pro Se that not only will my Ki-Gor stories (originally written for Wild Cat Books) be coming back in some form but the crossover novel is indeed scheduled to appear before the end of the year. I had hoped that Mark Propst would be doing some interiors for the big crossover book but unfortunately that won’t be the case. Sorry, my friends.

The first omnibus edition of The Peregrine is flying off the shelves — it’s a doozy in print form. You can use this thing to prop open doors or even as a weapon. Look for the second volume (collecting the old volumes 4-6 of Max Davies under his “other identity”). I continue to get asked why Max is now known as The Peregrine — suffice to say, legalities were involved and we’re all fine with the new identity.

My old buddy George Sellas will be contributing some new images for Lazarus Gray Volume 6 so those of you who missed his work on volume 5 should be quite pleased with that news.

Stay pulpy!

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