Another Lazarus Gray Volume 5 Review!

IMG_6562Our old friend Darkdendale Raven reviewed The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Five and he gave it 5 out of 5 stars. Here’s what he had to say:

Lazarus Gray Is Alive and Well

The latest volume of Lazarus Gray short novellas is filled with the usual earth-shaking prose that readers have come to expect from Barry Reese. Packed with action, with old enemies and new, your Barry Reese experience would not be complete with this new volume. I highly recommend it! It contains:

“The Felonious Financier”

Wilson Brisk, businessman and secret kingpin of crime, searches for a map to the hidden treasure of pirate and ghost-ship Captain Hendrik Van der Decken. The map has been turned over to Lazarus Gray and Assistance, Unlimited. Brisk attacks the Headquarters of Assistance, Unlimited at 6196 Robeson Lane by means of an advanced dirigible called the Skyrider.

Regaining the map, Brisk and company beat Assistance, Unlimited to the treasure. Brisk disappears into the night with the treasure box. But the treasure is one with dire results!

Five out of five stars.

“Shadows and Phantoms”

Assistance, Unlimited is contacted by a crook who wants them to seek out the Undead Avenger of Cape Noir, Brother Bones. By learning who Bones is most likely to target, Gray manages to meet Brother Bones face to face. But this crook Brother Bones is stalking has made a fatal error by kidnapping Bones’ driver Bobby Crandel. There is hell to pay…

Five out of five stars.

“Stare of the Basilisk”

Trouble begins to brew as three immortal sisters are foolishly released from their mystic prisons by the greed of a foolish criminal. The 19th Century’s Catalyst—Andre Thierry—is trying to decide how to get them back in their containers.

Meanwhile a meeting has been called for all the gangs, tongs, and crime families in the city. Morgan Watts goes undercover in order to attend. The meeting has been called by a large man who calls himself The Basilisk. He demands 10% of everyone’s take for what he calls his own leadership and planning. During the meeting, two men die in a way that would make Darth Vader proud.

This leaves two questions: Who is The Basilisk? And just how does this remote killing work?

Five out of five stars.


The three sisters, Selene, Phoebe, and Fiona have begun to grown in power, and the bodies begin to pile up in their penthouse suite at the Emerald Hotel. Dark energy flows through them, and the Catalyst knows they are a great threat to the world.

Meanwhile, Morgan Watts has brought a girlfriend home to Robeson Avenue. She is an Egyptology enthusiast named Madison Montgomery. Watts shows her three recently acquired sarcophagi covered in hieroglyphics which Lazarus Gray has been unable to open. But they open on their own discharging two Egyptians and the crocodile-headed Egyptian god Sobek.

Sobek and co. are after the undying Princess Femi, currently just ashes in a burial urn. But Madison is tricked into reviving Femi. Sobek and co are slain by Morgan Watts and Eun Jiwon.

The three sisters and Princess Femi attract each other, fueled by the same dark power of soul sucking. Madison is now a handmaiden for Princess Femi

They are challenged to a battle by Lazarus Gray and Assistance, Unlimited, joined by Andre Thierry, the Catalyst. The place chosen seems foolish for someone with Femi’s power—Sovereign City Cemetery!

Five out of five stars.

“Wedding Bells”

This adventure raised more questions for me than it answered. Somehow the adventure felt sort of unfinished. For example, why was the year the marriage took place so important? Second, how did they reach the time and place of the wedding? Maybe I missed something, but this was my second complete reading of the book and I still have questions.

Three out of five stars.

I choose to ignore the problems of this last adventure, which as I say I may be missing something very plain to other readers. I will rate this book based on the first four adventures. And with such tightly written, masterful stories there is no way the book gets less than five out of five stars!

Encore, Barry, encore!

Quoth the Raven…

Thanks, Raven! I always appreciate your in-depth reviews. I had a blast writing volume five and I’m glad that you found it so enjoyable. The Brother Bones team-up was especially fun and I always dig writing Princess Femi.

As for the problems you mentioned with the last story — early on in that one, there’s a scene between Samantha and Kelly where they talk about all of the enemies that Lazarus has and Samantha mentions that he’s going to keep the location of the wedding a secret because of that. That’s why they end up having the wedding where they do – it’s “out of the way” where no enemies can bother them. As for how they got there, Catalyst opens a portal in the next-to-last scene and they step through into the location where the wedding takes place.

Hope that clears things up!

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