Shadowman Gets Reviewed!

Shadowman-1-Valiant-2012-BMy Kindle Worlds short story, “Shadowman: The Red Sash,” picked up a new review on Amazon. A reader named “zagain” gave it 4 out of 5 stars and titled his review “A Mixture of Valiant and pulp.” Here’s what he had to say:

The novella focuses initially on Palmer Harrison, an FBI agent who has spent the last three years investigating a series of incidents in which members of the Yih King crime organization were murdered and the crime scene was tagged with a special paint and a familiar catch phrase — “God help the guilty.” Harrison had listened to old radio programs and read pulp novels in his youth that focused on a crime fighting vigilante known as The Red Sash. The phrase used at the crime scenes was the same as the slogan used by the 1930’s era pulp vigilante. Eventually, Harrison learns the truth behind the murders and ends up facing some difficult choices as a result.

The current murder scene Harrison is investigating happens to be in New Orleans, home to another hero — the Shadowman. It turns out Shadowman and his associates, Dox and Alyssa, have their own interest in the Yih King organization. Khan, leader of the organization, and Lotus, a mysterious and mystical woman working alongside Khan, acquired a supernatural object known as the Jade Goddess — a piece they planned to use to breach the walls between the worlds of the living and the dead.

Overall, the novella is a solid, quick read that’s written in a pulp-ish style which fits with one of the primary characters of the work. The Shadowman characters are true to form, and the Red Sash characterization is handled very well in that it remains true to its 1930’s era roots while remaining in line with Valiant’s realistic approach to their characters. It would be interesting to see more stories utilizing the characters introduced in this work.

Glad you liked it, zagain! It was fun to write one of my favorite Valiant characters and, time permitting, I’d love to try my hand at more of them in the future.

The Peregrine Takes Flight!

IMG_6662Press Release


Pro Se Productions, a leading Publisher of Genre Fiction and New Pulp, proudly announces the latest release from its Reese Unlimited imprint! The first such author centered imprint of the company, focused solely on author Barry Reese’s work, is now the home for the character Reese is most known for, albeit working his heroic magic under a new name. The Peregrine Omnibus Volume One is now available in print and digital format.

“Change,” says Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief of and Partner in Pro Se Productions, “is sometimes inevitable. But with change often comes the best of benefits, and that is definitely the case with The Peregrine! Although he fights under a new name not yet familiar to his die hard fans, Max Davies is still the two fisted, double barreled hero that Barry has meant him to be and now, finally, his complete adventures will be collected into three colossal books! This first volume collects his earliest adventures and over the course of the next three months, two more omnibuses will be released, reprinting all six volumes of Max’s action packed tales as well as the two volumes of Tales of the Peregrine, with tales penned by Barry as well as other authors, including myself. It’s been a very long time in coming, but it was the perfect time to bring every tale of this classic New Pulp character together, flying high under a new name. The Peregrine has indeed taken flight!”

ADVENTURE HAS A NEW NAME! Award Winning Genre Fiction Author Barry Reese, known for creating such fantastic characters as Lazarus Gray and Gravedigger, revitalizes one of his greatest creations for fans old and new! Max Davies lives on as The Peregrine! An adventurer. A man of mystery. A hero. Max Davies, newly moved to Atlanta, Georgia, finds himself unable to avoid danger, intrigue, and death. Donning the mask of The Peregrine, Davies seeks to bring justice to a world dying for it and peace to his own troubled spirit. And the only price he may have to pay is his soul. The Peregrine Omnibus One brings the first three book length volumes of this classic New Pulp hero’s adventures together into one massive two fisted collection. Fly again for the first time with Barry Reese’s The Peregrine!

Featuring a fantastic cover and interior illustrations by award winning artist George Sellas and logo design and print formatting by Sean E. Ali, The Peregrine Omnibus Volume One is available now at Amazon at and Pro Se’s own store at http://www.prose-press.coma,, 806 pages for only $30.00.

This first of three omnibuses is also available as an Ebook, designed and formatted by Russ Anderson and available for only $5.99 for the Kindle at and for most digital formats via Smashwords at

For more information on this title, contact Morgan McKay, Pro Se’s Director of Corporate Operations, at

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From the Vault: Dangerous Curves Ahead

Emma Watson hotI gave a how-to writing class to a group of high schoolers about four years ago and one of the young men asked me how I wrote female characters. Having written several books starring female protagonists (The Damned Thing, Rabbit Heart and Gravedigger all come to mind), I immediately had a response. I said that you should always start thinking of your characters as people first and gender later. I told him that there is no one “type” of woman out there… there are women who cry at the drop of a hat but then there are women who are tough as nails. There are women who love to shop and wear pink… there are also women who love mixed martial arts and who can drink any man under the table. There are even women who love to wear pink, cry at the drop of a hat, are still tough as nails, love mixed martial arts *and* can drink any man under the table.

Women are people first. The same goes for different races or anything, really.

I also told him that if he were still worried, to look at the women around him — his friends, his family, his sisters. Think about how multifaceted those women are and then incorporate that into his work.

When I was creating Gravedigger, I thought of ways to make her different from my other characters — but not once did I think of her gender as being a personality trait. She’s a much harder-edged character than Lazarus Gray, because of her life experiences. Yes, she’s a beautiful woman… yes, she could be a mother someday. But she’s a human being first. I don’t need to worry about writing “women” because I know how to write “people.” I mean, I am one!

Yes, sometimes you should incorporate differences into female characters but again, if you know more than a handful of women, you’ll know how different they all can be — some poke fun at men, some don’t. Some like to smoke, drink and swear. Some don’t. Some women would never have sex with a man outside of a committed relationship. Some women see nothing wrong with ‘Friends with Benefits.’

Never assume that a woman — or a man, for that matter — can’t act one way just because of their gender. We have certain societal norms, yes, but the degrees to which we all fall inside or outside of them vary tremendously.

When it comes to sexualizing your characters, you have to know your character, your story and your audience. With my heroines, all of them are beautiful, yes — but this is adventure fiction. The women are beautiful and the men are handsome. I never try to objectify my female characters any more than I do the male ones — in other words, I do objectify them in the sense that they’re attractive and this is mentioned… but they’re far more than that. Pulp is escapism and part of the appeal is that our heroes (male & female) are larger-than-life. They’re gorgeous, they’re brave and they’re heroic. They’re idealized. Even in Rabbit Heart, which is highly charged with sex and violence, I don’t think I treat the women in the story any different than I do the males — some of them are very emotionally unstable, some are promiscuous and some are just downright nasty… but that’s true of both genders in the story. And Fiona Grace, though driven by powerful needs, is still an idealized heroine who rises above it all. Yes, Fiona’s outfit on the cover is risque — but if you read the story, you’ll know there’s a major reason why it’s shown that way. The story deals with archetypes and the way society views them — and Fiona is forced to play that part, to a degree.

So keep the focus on the *person* and not the gender… in the long run, it’ll pay off for you!

An Interview With Lisa M. Collins

Reid Cannon 1Lisa Collins has been a prominent name in New Pulp circles in recent years, both for her writing and for her tireless efforts to promote the works of other authors. To celebrate the release of her new work, The House Bast Made: Reid Cannon Archaeologist, I decided to turn the tables on Lisa and let her have the opportunity to be the interviewee for once!

Where are you from, Lisa? What do you do aside from writing?

I was born in Dixie and have always lived south of the Mason Dixon Line. I graduated from the University of Arkansas with a bachelor’s degree in history. My specializations were in American and Russian history. I live in central Arkansas with my husband and our adorable cat, Baby Girl, who believes she is my co-author. We have one adult son who is married to his high school sweetheart.

Currently I work in Administration at the Arkansas Department of Health.

Tell us your “secret origin.” How did you come to be a writer?

My writing career starts off with a sad tale and a dash of memory. You see in 2008 the company I worked for downsized and I was one of the many who were let go. Thankfully I had a small severance package so I didn’t immediately have to hit the byways looking for work. There I was looking for what to do next and I was reminded of how I used to like to tell stories to entertain my friends when I was little. I even made some little books for my mom when I was elementary school. From that thought I went to the wisest person I knew to figure out how to begin to write my imaginings down for others—that’s right, Dr. Google! In my online searching I came across NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. Being totally green and a complete n00b I decided to take up the challenge and write 50,000 words in the month of November, 2008. Believe it or not, right out of the gate, I did it! I’ve never looked back.

My complete origin story is on my first post at the Pen and Cape Society.

The House Bast Made features Reid Cannon – who is Reid and what sort of adventures does he become involved in?

Reid is a Ph.D. student in Archeology from the University of Chicago. He hails from Arkansas and got his bachelor’s from University of Arkansas, Master’s from UCLA. He is fond of the ladies and likes long walks on any beach where they serve drinks with umbrellas. There is a long line of archeologists and anthropologists in Reid’s family tree. This particular adventure finds him on one of his father’s worksites. Reid got his nose for adventure from his grandmother Jane Roberts (Her story will be in an anthology this fall). Much like grandma Jane, Reid has an uncanny ability to sniff out the fantastical and paranormal.

What’s the basic gist of this particular story?

The House Bast Made is an adventure where a young archaeologist, Reid Cannon, learns myths need not be fairytales.

Lisa in blueAny other works that you’re particularly proud of?

I also have an online persona, Tea and Cornbread. I am a foodie…not a food snob…but I like the vittles! My favorite thing right now is roast chicken which I make in a slow cooker. I have a great selection of recipes and directions on how to slow cook a whole bird in my second cookbook called Five Slow Cooker Recipes Every Southern Cook Should Master. The complete series is available on Amazon for Kindle.

You’ve become known in the New Pulp community for interviewing authors – what do you find rewarding about doing that?

I recently read a fabulous book called Indie Author Survival Guide by Susan Kaye Quinn. The book blew me away, but one of the takeaways I had was to write a Mission Statement for me as a writer. Here is what mine looks like at present:

  • To take the reader on a thought provoking journey to new and distant worlds through my stories.
  • To improve my craft with each story. Books come first!
  • To create a large body of work that reaches a substantial percentage of readers.
  • To encourage other writers I meet along my path.

The interviews I do with new and established writers on the site fits perfectly into my Mission statement. Not only am I being a voice for others, have I learned so much from the authors I host.

Do you count yourself as a “New Pulp” author? What does the term mean to you?

I am, but New Pulp isn’t all I write. Defining New Pulp is a slippery slope! There are so many great books out there that could be categorized as NP but the author doesn’t even know the term exists. Example: The Goosebumps series for kids or half of all the P.I. stories in the world, and most recently the romance novels featuring Motorcycle Clubs (MC) and the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) romance novels. All of these are in line with the New Pulp aesthetic. I think the explosion of Indie Publishing has opened up all those old story streams…it is like we are living in a renaissance of Pulp!

Where can readers find out more about you and where can they buy The House Bast Made?









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The Hounds of Hell returns in a 10th anniversary edition


The Hounds of Hell was a book that really propelled me into my career as a New Pulp author. As such, I was greatly honored to be asked to write a brief introduction to the 10th anniversary edition that Airship 27 has just released. If you’ve never read this classic tale pitting The Moon Man against Doctor Satan, you’re in for a real treat! And if you have read it before, it’s well past time to go back and remind yourself how fun this story truly is.

Press Release


10th Anniversary Edition

Airship 27 Productions is proud to announce the re-release of its first title, “The Hounds of Hell,” by Ron Fortier & Gordon Linzner.   First published in 2005, this new pulp adventure was one of the first pulp books to crossover characters from two classic pulp series of the 30s; the Moon Man, from 10 Detective Aces and Doctor Satan from Weird Tales.

“This was the first ever new pulp fiction artist Rob Davis and I put together all those many years ago,” says Fortier, Airship 27 Productions’ Managing Editor.  “From it would rise our new pulp fiction enterprise and help pioneer what has now become known as the New Pulp Movement.”

This brand new edition maintains the gorgeous wrap around cover by artist Tom Floyd and all the interior pieces by Art Director Davis.  Added to this is a special new introduction by popular new pulp writer, Barry Reese (Peregrine & Lazarus Gray) and a lengthy post-essay by Fortier detailing the history of the book and the birth of Airship 27 Productions.   Lastly, this new anniversary edition features a reprint of Fortier’s first ever pulp fiction tale, “Fury in Vermont.”

“Over a hundred titles later, we’re still growing every year,” Fortier says proudly.  “And we owe it all to this one book.  We hope our fans will enjoy seeing it back in print.”


Available now at :

A New “Damned” Review!

 One of my writing heroes, the amazing Chuck Dixon, was kind enough to post a review of my novel The Damned Thing. He gave it a 5-star rating and said the following:

Muscular pulp written with verve and assurance by the prolific hand of Barry Reese. Violent Cambridge is smart and tough and nobody’s sweetheart. She unravels a case that leads straight to the devil in a story that races along at a breakneck clip. Bloody as hell but with a sharp wit and something on its mind. Not a pastiche or an homage. This is pure pulp in the best sense of the term. Reese is building his own pulp universe here. I suggest you visit it soon.

Wow! A positive review is always nice but when it comes from someone of Mr. Dixon’s caliber, it’s even more special. Be sure to check out his website and support one of the most talented writers out there!