Everything Changes…?

lg11_lazarus_graveyard_smallPro Se has been marketing volume five of Lazarus Gray with the tagline that “Everything changes.” Boy, isn’t that the truth when it comes to the real world, eh? In classic pulp fiction, however, change was generally the exception and not the norm. Most pulp characters changed very little or at least very, very slowly over the course of their adventures. I’ve always played a delicate balance of evolution vs. static in my own creations – Max Davies gets married and has kids, for instance, while staying essentially the same character, though with differing responsibilities. Max at age 45 is not unrecognizable from Max at age 20 but he has a lot more to be concerned about.

We have something of a similar nature that occurs in the newest Lazarus Gray volume — someone’s life is changed in a major way and it propels them forward into the crossover novel and will continue to play a huge role in volume 6 (which I’m currently writing).

You guys will have to let me know if you like the changes that are wrought in the newest adventures.

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