Updates & Things

lazarus_batista_smallFigured I should update you guys on where we stand with various projects. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

1. The crossover novel has been finished and my beta reader gave it high marks. As such, it’s been passed on to Pro Se for editing and to be slotted onto their publishing schedule. Mark Propst was supposed to do interior pieces for it but we’ll have to see if that pans out.

2. I started work on the second Dark Gentleman short but couldn’t get into it… then I began work on a story featuring a new character… and wasn’t feeling that, either. So now I’m working on the first story of Lazarus Gray Volume 6. That’s going quite well, thank you.

3. Speaking of Lazarus, Volume 5 should be out really soon — maybe in the next week or two!

4. The omnibus editions of The Peregrine should take flight right around that same time. Not sure if you’ll see all three volumes at once or spread out over time, though.

Our art today is the pencil version of Chris Batista’s cover to Lazarus Gray Volume 5. Enjoy!

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