Gravedigger Volume Two Gets A New Review

Gravedigger loresPat Casey reviewed the second Gravedigger volume on Here’s what he said:

Barry Reese unearths another hit with Gravedigger vol. 2

5 stars out of 5

Barry Reese’s second volume with Charity Grace & her team offers a touch of supernatural, a smattering of romance and a torrent of pulp action!

The use of the mythological Pandora as Gravedigger’s nemesis in the story was great. The twist Mr. Reese put on the character was even greater. We see a determined Pandora as she tries to fulfill an ancient mission imposed upon herself centuries ago. Unfortunately her violent methods(and those of her partner Tamaki) come to the attention of Gravedigger.

As with other series in the “Reese Universe” the strength of the protagonist’s support team grows with each volume. Always a treat to see how the individual parts form a strong team dynamic in these adventures.

Tight dialogue, strong characters and pulp-style pacing made this a book I couldn’t put down. The nod to a certain Dr. Jones was a nice touch as well.

My only quibble being the lack of interior art. The cover by George Selas was fantastic and I looked forward to seeing his B&W interior art in this volume. Hopefully interior art will return in volume 3.

Thanks, Pat! I enjoyed writing Pandora a lot and I’m glad you thought she made a quality nemesis for Gravedigger.

As for the lack of interior art, I’m afraid that will be the case for Lazarus Gray v. 5, as well. There are lots of behind-the-scenes reasons for it that I can’t go into at the moment but I missed it, too! Hopefully we’ll see a return to interior art in future releases.

Our art today is by the talented Jenevieve Broomall.

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