A Dark Review!

IMG_6232The Adventures of the Dark Gentleman Book One: The Judgment of the Shadow Court has received its first review on Amazon.com! Our old friend Raven gave the book 5 stars and said the following:


Book Review: Monday, March 2, 2015

The Adventures of the Dark Gentleman 1: The Judgment of the Shadow Court by Barry Reese (Kindle© Version)

This is the introductory volume featuring Michael Groseclose, also known as Sovereign City’s latest vigilante, The Dark Gentleman. The Dark Gentleman at first seems like a knockoff of The Phantom Detective. But readers of the old pulps will quickly spot differences enough to truly make The Dark Gentleman a hero in his own right.

Michael Groseclose was raised in Sovereign City where his father was the editor of the local paper, The Sovereign Gazette. But Michael could not understand why his father did nothing that could have helped stem the flow of crime and corruption that was normal for Sovereign City. To Michael, the newspaper was the perfect foil to crusade against the suffocating stench of suffering and despair in a city where anarchy was just an inconvenience.

So Michael Groseclose became a vigilante dressed almost like a fop, sharp suit, white shirt, tie, Opera cloak, top hat, gloves, and a large domino mask. The Dark Gentleman was born.

Back when Michael attended college, he became friends with William “Winkie” Smalls, who authors the stories. This doesn’t keep The Dark Gentleman from breaking “the fourth wall” and giving his direct opinion at times.

A new threat has come to Sovereign City. The Shadow Court is run by a masked Judge, and puts people on trial that have committed violent crimes, even if they have served their sentences. The Shadow Court has a prosecutor, a defense counsel, a Judge, and a jury—all just for show. Your guilt has already been ascertained, your punishment selected, and your fate determined.

Perhaps you will only have to pay a fine, usually monthly, to satisfy The Shadow Court. But if the Judge deems your actions as deserving, or if you miss your monthly “fine,” death is an acceptable alternative.

This book addresses the introduction of The Dark Gentleman and his style of crime fighting. It introduces the villains, The Shadow Court and its masked Judge.

Who is the Judge and who are the members of the court? What happens to those who face this Judge really, the rumor; or something more sinister? Why is The Dark Gentleman not willing to work with others, such a Lazarus Gray, Doc Daye, Fortune McCall, The Peregrine, or The Gravedigger?

This is a fine introduction to a hero with high potential when fully settled and integrated into the world according to Barry Reese. Five out of five stars.

Quoth the Raven…

Thanks for the fine synopsis and review, Raven! I wanted to make Michael a bit different than Lazarus and my other heroes — I’m glad you seemed to like that fact. Future installments will grow the supporting cast and continue to focus on street-level adventures.

Look for the second story in the next few months!

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