Another 5-Star Gravedigger Review!

gravedigger_small_colorAmazon user Ray Bara gave The Adventures of Gravedigger Volume Two a 5-star review. Here’s what he had to say:

Another Barry Reese masterpiece. I enjoy the way Barry writes. He writes action well, he writes characters well, he’s good with giving new stories that old pulp fiction feel.

I have to admit that when he first introduced the Gravedigger character, I was a little skeptical. He already had the Rook (oops, I mean the Peregrine) and Lazarus Gray in his Sovereign City world. How would the Gravedigger fit into that universe? Well, I loved the first Gravedigger volume, and I loved this current one as well.

Beyond the action and the Sovereign City setting that I really dig, I liked learning more about the Gravedigger’s associates in this one. Li Yuchun, Mitchell, Cedric were really filled out in this one. But more importantly, I liked how Mortimer Quinn was a focal point of this story, and that he will play a role in both Gravedigger Volume 3 and the next Lazarus Gray story as well. I like the idea of a former Gravedigger who doesn’t age taking a prominent role in these stories.

Barry Reese truly knows how to write. Gravedigger Volume 2 is not a long book; it won’t take more than a day or two to read. But that day or two will be great. Get this book and anything else Barry Reese writes!

Thanks very much, Ray! That’s high praise and I definitely appreciate it. Glad you enjoyed the way the supporting cast was handled — I have to admit, I find the personal lives of Li, Cedric, Mitchell and Mortimer just as interesting as the more melodramatic adventures that bedevil Charity!

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