Gravedigger Carves Up A New 5-Star Review!

gravedigger_cover_02_small_mockupJose Rivera gave the new Gravedigger book a 5-star review at Amazon. Here’s what he had to say:

It’s been a while since the last volume of Gravedigger, but you know what? It was totally worth the wait!

Barry Reese gives us one story in this volume, but it’s densely packed and gives us a great payoff to the “Other” thread from the last volume.

Reese’s strength has always been his characters. Charity is learning to accept her role as the Gravedigger and her supporting cast gets more time to shine, particularly former Gravedigger Mortimer who is trying to not only help Charity but find his place within the group.

I was surprised by the inclusion of Pandora (yes THAT Pandora of myth) but that turned out to be one hell of a nice surprise as Reese makes Pandora just as much of a seasoned warrior as a tragic character. Pandora’s story overall tugs at your heart strings and makes you cringe a little by the end.

I enjoyed this volume immensely and can’t wait to see where the story goes. Charity may only have three years, but she’s sure as hell making the most out of her time as the Gravedigger and the next adventure can’t come soon enough!

Thanks, Jose! I’m glad that you enjoyed it and particularly pleased that you found Pandora so interesting. I had fun writing her.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy Gravedigger’s role in the upcoming crossover novel just as much!

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