ru-proof-r11.jpgContinuing to add to the crossover novel in dribs and drabs. Well over 40,000 words and I’ve been going back to flesh out prior scenes as I go. It’s good stuff but such slow going. I know for most of you, this isn’t a big concern since you’re getting “new” work from me (Gravedigger 2 and, soon, Lazarus Gray 5) but I started working on this thing back in late 2013 so this is an incredibly long time for me.

I have plans for a Black Terror collection to come soon — I’ve previously written the character in several different places, most recently in the second Lazarus Gray volume, where I gave him what I personally think is a pretty elegant origin that mixes his old Golden Age comics history with something quite new. Anyway, he’ll be briefly mentioned in the crossover novel and he’ll be starring in all-new adventures soon enough. In fact, George Sellas is soon to be hard at work on some new artwork featuring him!

Also signed on for an editing job that’s simply amazing… but I can’t discuss it quite yet. Stay tuned. Suffice to say I’m excited to be a part of this historic event!

Over at Amazon, Liz Tadehara posted this review of Gravedigger Volume Two:

Wonderful sequel to a most unusual “New Pulp” take. Can not wait for volume three.

Thanks, Liz! I’m thrilled that you enjoyed it. Gravedigger appears next in the crossover novel and then I’ll see about starting work on volume 3 of her series.

I’ll return soon with more updates, my friends. Until then, stay pulpy!


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  1. Barry-Thanks for the Shadow Fan Podcasts of the past – hope there’s more in the future.
    I know you must be busy making a living and raising a family. God Bless.

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