Gravedigger Volume Two Gets Reviewed!

Gravedigger_06_smallThe newest book in the Gravedigger series already has its first review, courtesy of Darkendale Raven! Here’s what he had to say:

Pandora’s… Skull?

5 Stars out of 5

This is the long awaited sequel to Barry’s first Gravedigger volume. Charity Grace returns with her small band of agents: Mitchell, the black British man who has been with Charity from day one and actually served the previous Gravedigger; the former prostitute Li Yuchun; Cedric Hendry, a wealthy businessman whose ancient home is now Gravedigger’s headquarters; and Mortimer Quinn, once a Gravedigger himself.

The gang is watching a large crate being moved to a ship under cover of darkness. Mitchell has infiltrated a gang who plan to open the crate and steal the contents. Li and Cedric are on board, and Li is chatting with a mysterious man named Donald Whitman. Meanwhile, gang leader James Pelvin is ready with Mitchell and the rest of the gang to open the crate.

When the crate opens, Pelvin discovers that they have set up. The crate contains no treasure, it contains an undead creature named Ira Shelly, dead and resurrected by dark magic in the year 1722. However an injury in 1893 caused his body to shut down in order to repair itself. Knowing he would be waking up, he was placed in the crate, put aboard a ship, and left to kill people on the voyage to wherever it sails, but not in Sovereign City. Gravedigger takes out Shelly, but the battle has just begun.

Back home, a package has been delivered to Hendry Hall. It contains a Silver Skull. Research reveals that it is supposed to contain Pandora, a demi-goddess who released the seven deadly sins, and who has been trying to eradicate sin by slaying sinners and devouring their dark souls.

The package was taken to Hendry Hall by “Quick Dan” Nunn on the orders of Hiroshi Tamaki. Tamaki desires to release Pandora and use her power to make himself Emperor of the world.

Sandra Locke uses sex and dominatrix tactics to entice the warden of Sovereign Prison to allow her access to prisoner Jonah Craig, whom she precedes to break out of confinement. Dr. Craig is an expert on the legends of The Silver Skull and Pandora.

Pandora is released and leaves for Washington, DC with Tamaki and the gang. The Voice tells Gravedigger that Pandora is her other, an enemy equal to her skills. The meeting between the two is certain, but the outcome is not guaranteed.

The action takes off like a bolt from Gravedigger’s crossbow. The story winds through various locations and in and out of mystical shadows. By the end of it all, every single person involved will have gone to the very edge of hell, and not everyone can make it back.

Are the survivors the agents of Gravedigger or the servants of Tamaki and his evil partner Pandora, now housed in the body of Sandra Locke? Time for you to take the ball and run with it. Read the book for yourself.

I give this book five out of five stars with a slight condition: I do not think the sequel was quite as good as the original. It is very close, but lacks a little—not enough to affect the rating, but there like a ghost faintly seen and questionable if it was there or not. Looking forward to much more from Barry Reese!

Quoth the Raven…

Thanks, Raven! I’m glad you enjoyed the book but I wish I’d been able to make the second volume even more interesting than the first to you! It’s often hard to match the excitement of discovery that the first book can bring but I tried to really delve into the characters this time around and I’m glad that you found plenty to smile about. Gravedigger will next appear in the “crossover” novel I’m currently writing. She’ll be fighting alongside The Peregrine and Lazarus Gray — but a third volume of her solo adventures looms on the horizon after that! Thanks Again!

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