The Peregrine Takes Flight!

Breyfogle_Rook_A_smallSome of our sharper-eyed readers took note of the recent Timeline of My Pulp Fiction Universe that was posted. In it, there was no reference to Max Davies’ old identity… in fact, those references now indicated that he was a costumed hero known as The Peregrine.

Several folks have written to me, asking for more details… What I can say is that after some behind-the-scenes wrangling, Pro Se Press and I felt it best to re-brand the character. There are a number of other characters, comic books and novels that are currently using that same identity and I’d rather have something more unique for Max. That doesn’t mean that you have to burn all your old copies of the books but we will be issuing new versions, complete with a new logo and all the appropriate edits to the stories. The current plan is for what was volumes 1-3 of the old series to be released in a big omnibus titled The Peregrine Volume One. Volumes 4-6 will be packaged together as The Peregrine Volume Two. And the Tales of… books will be published as Volume Three. Believe me, no one is looking to force you to buy things you already own — but we need to get these stories back into print asap.

Max’s origin, adventures, history, powers and supporting cast remain unchanged. All that’s different is that he’s now The Peregrine and, within the confines of the fictional construct that is my shared universe, he always has been.

Hopefully this won’t detract from your enjoyment of his continuing adventures!

Our art today is by Norm Breyfogle and was the cover to the Wild Cat Books’ edition of Volume Four from Max’s adventures. Enjoy it in glorious black and white!

One comment

  1. No need to force me, I’ll happily rebuy. Plus you never know; the old Rook versions might become incredibly valuable collectors’ editions.

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