The Lazarus Gray Theme Song

lg11_lazarus_graveyard_smallThis is what I’d choose for the Lazarus Gray theme song — if there was a television show or movie 🙂

Captures the playful spirit of death and destruction that I strive for! LOL

The song is by the lovely Lenka and is entitled “Trouble Is A Friend.”

As I’ve said many times, a young Kirk Douglas would have played the perfect Lazarus. If they did a movie or tv show now, I’m not sure who I’d peg to play the part. What do you guys think?


  1. Kirk Douglas is exactly the actor I always imagined playing Lazarus Gray.
    Asfor a modern actor… hard question – it’s hard to match Douglas Sr.
    And as I am at it, thank you for Lenka – I discovered this wonderful singer here on your blog a while back, and now I’m a committed fan. Great voice, great songs.

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