Updates Galore

small_lazarus_batistaHello, folks!

It might seem to have been a bit quiet of late but there’s nothing that could be further from the truth. Several behind-the-scenes machinations have been taking place which will result in a few changes to my shared universe but nothing that can’t be worked around. You’ll see what I mean soon enough. Just know this: Max Davies, Lazarus Gray and Charity Grace will continue to live on. That’s the important thing, right?

Speaking of those characters, I’m sending in the edits on the final Lazarus Gray story that will appear in volume five. So hopefully that one will be on the publishing schedule soon from Pro Se. The image at left (courtesy of the amazing Chris Batista) will be the cover for volume five.

Gravedigger volume two and a new edition of The Damned Thing are also on tap.

I haven’t worked on the crossover novel in a while so it’s still stuck at the midway point but I have been adding to the first Dark Gentleman short and hope to finish that soon. Then it’s back to the crossover!

It’s been a strange, strange year but we’re still here and I’m hoping for bigger & better in 2015.

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