Pulse Fiction Gets A 5-Star Review!

A reviewer using the name novelgirl posted the first review of Bishop and Hancock’s Pulse Fiction. I contributed the opening story to that collection and had a blast doing it.

Here’s what she had to say:

What I love about the New Pulp, is the author’s ability to hold onto the traditional pulp feel of the stories. Each one of the stories included in this volume are exciting, thrill-packed adventures, and the authors make you cheer for the hero and boo at the villain. There are paranormal stories of characters with super abilities, slick thieves who’ll charm you out of your jewels. Some stories have gangsters who enjoy a good shoot-’em-up, but lose to an unassuming guy who doesn’t want to be a hero. If you’re into gorgeous dames and big dumb lugs and unpretentious heroes, you won’t be disappointed. This is volume of short pulpy stories for you.

At the heart of Bishop and Hancock’s Pulse Fiction Volume 1, are stories of regular men and women who defy the odds and save the day. Those stories inspire me. I recommend this book to all those not feint of heart who love a great story told in the true culture of fabulous pulp.

Thanks for the kind words! I really enjoyed those characters and would love to return to them someday.


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