Characters I Love: Dark Angel

dark_angelEvery so often, I focus on a character from adventure fiction (film, comics & prose) that I simply adore.

This week we’re talking about: Dark Angel!

Debuting in Hell’s Angel # 1 (the character was renamed after some threatened legal action), Shevaun Haldane starred in her own series during Marvel-UK’s 1990s heyday and recently returned in a crossover event called Revolutionary War.

According to Shevaun Haldane was the daughter of Ranulph Haldane, one of the seven members of Mys-Tech which sold their souls to the Hell-Lord, Mephisto for immortality. Ranulph and the others agreed to supply Mephisto with souls for extended lives. While working upstairs in the laboratories of Mys-Tech, Shevaun heard a ruckus coming from downstairs in her father’s secret laboratory. She rushed to her father’s side moments after he was killed by Mephisto. She was approached by the Angel of Death, Dark Angel, guardian of souls who leave the mortal plane via the portal of death. The Dark Angel had arrived too late to claim Ranulph’s soul. He disclosed the truth about her father’s activities and later offered her a shred of the fabric of the universe, thus granting her the great power to oppose the sinister Mys-Tech. The Angel also gave her body armor that would help her command her new powers. Realizing that she now had the power of angels to fight Hell on Earth, she took the name Hell’s Angel. Shevaun would latter change her name to Dark Angel.

I always loved the look of the character, her complex back-story and I felt that she deserved wider play in the Marvel Universe. When I was writing fanfic, I featured her heavily in my Pendragons series. Given the chance, I’d throw myself at any and all Marvel editors to work on a title featuring her.

Given her piercings and general attitude, I actually think she could be more popular now than she was back in the Nineties.

Here are a few more images of her:


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