Novel Updates

pulse_fictionWelcome back my friends!

I wrote a little bit on the novel this weekend, pushing the word count to over 34,000. I’m approaching the midpoint and that’s when (censored) takes place, which causes (censored) to happen and then the entire novel gets turned upside down! Yep, you’ll be reading along thinking (censored) but really the novel is all about (censored)!

Sorry for the nature of the above paragraph but I felt I had to maintain some secrecy for the sake of those who don’t like spoilers!

Pulse Fiction came out last week and it features a story that introduces a great father/daughter adventuring team. I had a blast writing it and I think you’ll enjoy it. Please consider giving it a shot if you have some spare money to throw Pro Se’s way!

I’m waiting on Tom Smith to give me the color version of Chris Batista’s latest Lazarus Gray image so as soon as I have it, I’ll share it with all of you.

Take care!

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