Another 5-Star Review for Satan’s Circus!

lg4_cover_final_paint_smallReader Jose Rivera posted a review of The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Four: Satan’s Circus on He gave the book five stars out of five, which means that so far we’ve gotten five reviews and all have given the book a full 5-star rating! Nice!

Here’s what Jose had to say:

Volume 4 of Lazarus Gray does not disappoint!

The first story “Leviathan Rising” has Lazarus and Assistance Unlimited teaming up with Thunder Jim Wade and his crew to take on the threat of a being known as “Leviathan” I wasn’t too familiar with Thunder Jim Wade and his associates, but Reese gives just enough details that even someone like me could grasp and enjoy. I loved the interplay between the two teams. This felt like a fantastic pulp adventure!

The second story “Satan’s Circus” really deals with threads from previous volumes such as: The Darkling, Eidolon, Dr. Satan, what happened to Abby Cross, Satan’s Circus and even has some nice callbacks to events in Reese’s Gravedigger stories. If you’re just picking this up randomly, you might be confused at first, but Reese makes it VERY accessible to new readers. I really enjoyed this story and I love that there’s options for certain characters at the end.

If you’re new to the world of Sovereign City and Lazarus Gray/Assistance Unlimited, this is very new ready friendly and if you’re a longtime fan, you’re going to get some really nice winks, nods and payoffs to things long since gestating in the world of Lazarus Gray!

Thanks, Jose! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I was well aware of how “continuity-heavy” the second story in this volume was going to be so I wanted to make it accessible to people who were picking this one up for the very first time. It’s a difficult balancing act but I’m glad that you thought it worked.

I really appreciate it when you guys take the time to post reviews — gives me a  lot of needed feedback and fires me up to continue the series.

Take care, my friends!

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  1. I really enjoyed it! I got a Kindle Paperwhite and your book was the first I read on it. And even better, the other Lazarus Gray and Gravedigger books look really good on it, too!

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