The Starman Chronicles Part Four

Adventure_Comics_Vol_1_470Adventure Comics 470
“To Die A-Borning…”
Written by Paul Levitz, Art by Steve Ditko & Romeo Tanghal

“The origin of Starman… Revealed at last!” proclaims the opening page and for the most part, that’s what we get. In our last issue, we were watching in flashback as Prince Gavyn was shot out into space, part of the Imperial tradition of executing everyone else who has a claim to the throne when a new Emperor or Empress has been chosen. Gavyn survives, however, and is found by a green-skinned entity who calls himself  who declares, “I am neither creature nor hallucination. I am merely a searcher after certain truths. Trusts I fear I shall never find… because of you! You screamed, as you should recall… and I listened, breaking a vow of meditation that has endured for millennia.”

Mn’Torr states that he now feels a sense of responsibility for Gavyn and goes on to imply that Gavyn is some sort of mutant that has the ability to survive in the depths of space. He helps Gavyn design the Starman costume and gives him a set of gauntlets that helps refine his abilities.

And what are Starman’s powers? We get a full description in this issue! Here’s how Gavyn explains them:

“I don’t know how you figured out that my body converted stellar radiation into bio-energy, but you certainly were right. Before I knew it, I was soaring through space more freely than a shark in the sea… channeling the stellar radiation through those fancy gauntlets into bursts of heat or light — or micro-radiation… and also managing to absorb the ‘deadly’ blasts of all sorts of radiation-based weapons. It’s quite a bag of tricks… even if we did discover that my powers get weaker the more insulated I am from the stars.”

We also get to see Starman take part in what appears to be his first ‘adventure,’ taking on an Asteroid-Viper that’s terrorizing some miners. It’s a nice, quick action sequence that shows off our hero’s powers quite effectively.

Elsewhere, we have Mn’Torr reminding Gavyn that he could easily seize the throne if he wanted to… but Gavyn reiterates that he’s fine with his sister having power. He has a new set of responsibilities now and he’s embracing his role as Starman. He does reiterate that he loves his girlfriend and she declares the same but it’s left a bit unclear as to the future they might have at this point since he remarks that even she refers to him as Starman and not Gavyn now, which Mn’Torr says is because everyone but Gavyn recognizes the fact that his old life is dead.

Well-written and some really strong Ditko artwork. At this point, I was left thinking that the future was wide open and curious to see what kind of direction we were going to go in. We’re warned that Oswin is coming back next issue as the main villain so we do know that we’re not completely leaving Throneworld behind… but we’ll see exactly what that means in our next installment!

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