Another Day At Ye Olde Blog

Psst-Masked-GirlWelcome back, my friends! We’re keeping our streak of daily updates going, through good weather and bad. I’m more reliable than the postal service.

Managed to sneak in a little bit of writing yesterday — the crossover novel has now passed the 33,000 word mark. But it’s such slow going! I usually finish a novel in three months, tops. But this thing started in December of last year. Oh, well. It will be finished at some point.

I hope!

Anyway, the scene I’m currently working on pits Gravedigger against one of the new villains that gets introduced in the book and it’s fun seeing them interact on the page. Hopefully the readers will enjoy it, too.

To be honest, I’ve been giving a lot of serious consideration to closing the blog and my twitter account. My enthusiasm for writing in general has been on the decline for some time and it’s certainly not like I’m making much money off it. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve lost money doing it over the past ten years. Obviously, no one should be writing with the intention of getting rich but at the same time, if you’re not enjoying it and you’re not making money, then what’s the point?

For now, things aren’t going anywhere. But don’t be surprised if you wander over to this site someday and it’s gone. I’ve written a lot of material and maybe I’ve said the majority of what I wanted to say.

Better to burn out than fade away, right?

Anyway, something will be posted here tomorrow. 🙂

Go forth and have a great day.


  1. I look forward to reading your blog Barry. It’s always been insightful & fun. I also enjoy your amazing cast of characters in the Reese Universe. It’s unfortunate that you may decide to stop writing entirely as I and many others look forward to reading the incredible adventures you present.

  2. My thoughts only:
    You have far too many things on your plate. These would be my priorities: If you see yourself as a writer and are passionate about it, that should be number 1 in your life followed closely by your family. Everything else, including this blog, should be taken off the schedule and only done when there is nothing better to do. If you are not passionate about writing, a job to support your family should be number 1, followed closely by your family. (See how family is right up there?) Then writing and other things may be done when time allows. That’s it from me. My quick and easy thoughts, for what they are worth.

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