Futures End


Hope everybody has some exciting plans for the weekend. I’ve got lots of fun things going on so I anticipate good times aplenty.

Enjoying The Bishop of Port Victoria so far — it’s a New Pulp book written by D. Alan Lewis. I’ll post a full review once I’m done with it but so far it’s high quality stuff.

I also had the opportunity to read Futures End # 1 from DC Comics. I’ve always been a big DC fan and when they announced this weekly series, I was intrigued. I like time travel stories though I’m very tired of dystopian futures. Nevertheless, I gave this a try… and I was left feeling pretty unimpressed. Not only was it a very fast read (I was actually shocked when I reached the final page!) but it looks like another dark, dreary DC story. People get killed left and right… I don’t mind darkness but I like to have a good balance of hope and light to go with it. Look at the old Wolfman/Perez Teen Titans run… yes, we had betrayals, Trigon and murder. But we also had moments of levity, of friendship and of pure triumph. I don’t get that today at DC. I still read and enjoy a lot of their titles but I’m missing the fun.

Bring back the fun!

I’ve already committed to issues 2 & 3 of Futures End but beyond that… I think I’m going to skip the rest of the series.

Tomorrow will see another installment of The Starman Chronicles — and I think part 3 should run early next week. Tuesday, perhaps? Once we’ve gone all the way through that, maybe I’ll replace it with something else that will also be of interest only to myself! LOL

Go out and have a great day, folks. You deserve it.

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