Lazarus Gray — Unleashed!

lazarus_batista_smallWelcome back, my friends!

Today I’m sharing with you the black and white version of Chris Batista’s newest Lazarus Gray image. Chris previously depicted the character in the cover to the upcoming crossover novel, Gotterdammerung. I really like this one, from the lean but deadly looking Lazarus to the lovely Samantha Grace looming behind him. Good stuff — I hope you agree. Look for a colored version soon. I’m not 100% sure where you’ll see this in print: it might slide into the fifth volume of the series or it may come to life on a t-shirt or poster. What do you think?

Things are proceeding well on all fronts, though work on the novel is still moving slowly. I did get an update about the upcoming release of a story I did for Pro Se last year, though, so I’m anxious for you guys to see it. More details coming.

Also, the audio version of Box Thirteen is finally out so if you enjoy listening to your adventure fiction, please head on over to Radio Archives and buy a copy. My story features a killer known as the Plague Doctor and I had a blast writing it.

There’s also been some movement on getting my Ki-Gor stories back out into the market and possibly my Grimarr (The Sword of Hel) stuff, as well. So lots of things are going on behind the scenes.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more — until then, feel free to ooh and aah over the new Lazarus image!

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