Johnny Galahad

ru-proof-r11.jpgI thought that some of you might be interested in seeing this — it was a pitch for a series that I never got around to doing. If you’re a neophyte writer, you may have never done a “pitch” before. It’s basically the elevator pitch or high concept, hitting upon the feel of the story and introducing some elements of the character that I feel is important.

If you like it, maybe I’ll dust it off and do something with him at some point.


Anyway, here you go…

John “Johnny” Galahad

Galahad is a Southern Gentleman, born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Everyone who’s ever met him agrees that he is a product of another age and that only a cruel twist of fate deposited him in the 20th Century. With a debonair wit and swashbuckling style, Galahad throws himself into the path of danger not because he needs the money (he’s quite wealthy, thank you) but because he loves the satisfaction of walking the tightrope, poised above death itself, and coming away victorious.

Galahad runs The Round Table, a small private eye firm nestled on Peachtree Street. The Round Table is comprised of Galahad and his two aides: the lovely vixen named Desiree Williams and the burly ex-boxer David Holcomb. Desiree is Galahad’s Girl Friday, answering the phones and occasionally accompanying him into the field. David is a two-fisted terror, serving as Galahad’s driver and chief enforcer.

Galahad himself stands 6’3” and he’s slender but surprisingly strong. With blond hair and blues eyes, he looks like the Aryan dream, though his Southern drawl makes many underestimate him. Skilled in a number of languages and the type of man who cracks codes for fun, Galahad is rarely without a joke on his lips, a cigarette in his fingers and a lustful woman in his wake.

Galahad is the sort of man that you’d want for your best friend but not the sort you’d ever trust to watch over your little sister. It’s not that he’d take advantage of the situation – it’s simply that an evening with him would ruin her forever. They’d end up the target of Chinese assassins, forced to go on the run through the oldest cemetery in the city and barely surviving a night of intrigue, romance and danger. In other words, every other man in the world would pale next to the luminous light that is Johnny Galahad.

Galahad’s first adventure will be depicted in “The Case of the Lovely Corpses.”


  1. Sounds great! Would his adventures be a “film noir” genre or lean towards more supernatural elements (like Lazarus Gray)?

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