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lg08_samantha_grace_smallWelcome back to Ye Olde Blog!

Pro Se Press announced an open call for a Liberty Girl anthology this weekend. I had a nice time writing the character but I have no plans to pitch anything for this follow-up book. For one thing, I have no time. And I think I’ve probably said most of what I wanted to say with Elena. I look forward to reading some great stories from others now. Pro Se also had an announcement about a horror anthology that did pique my interest but, again, the lack of time prevents me from taking part.

I continue to get very strong feedback about the fourth volume in the Lazarus Gray series and I appreciate all the kind words. It’s really nice when you feel positive about something you’ve done and the readers provide affirmation. Sometimes you get so close to a project that you think it’s great or that it sucks and the reaction from others is a surprise. But I like it best when I’m proud of it *and* people like it!

Work on the crossover novel… I add a little bit each week but not very much, to be honest. I try to squeeze it in when I can.

I expect to get a peek at Chris Batista’s new image sometime this week and I’m looking forward to it. I expect it to meet the usual high standards that he’s set in the past.

On a sad note, Jamie Dallessandro (“Jamie D”) of the Comic Book Geek Speak Podcast passed away last week. I’ve been a longtime fan of the show and really enjoyed Jamie D’s contributions. My warmest thoughts to his family and friends.

Our art today is from George Sellas and featured the lovely Samantha Grace, a member of Assistance Unlimited.


  1. Jamie D passing away about knocked me over. I knew he had been sick. I’m a long time fan of CBGS. I haven’t been able to listen lately so he must have been wore off than I thought. My thoughts are with the family and frinds of a man who brought me hours of entertainment. On another subject, I am wondering if you plan to use Thunder Jim Wade again. I liked your use of him and I went sought out more about him because of it. L. Gray vol. 4 is great. I really like the universe you have built.

    1. I was offered the chance to do a Thunder Jim Wade novel but had to pass for now because of my schedule. I did really enjoy writing him, though — he gets name-dropped in the crossover novel I’m writing at the moment but I don’t think he’ll get any screen time.

      1. Every mention of the crossover novel gets me more exvited than the last. Your books bring back the thrill of getting a new comic of the spinner rack at my local pharmacy like when I was a kid.

  2. You’d think that as your BFF (whom you now never see), I’d be much better about keeping up with your blog. It takes insomnia to drive me here. However, I too am looking forward to some new artwork and completely understand your lack of time!

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