A Brief Update

RU Proof r1Welcome back, folks!

Work has continued (slowly) on the crossover novel. It stands at almost exactly 30,000 words. Still a long way to go, I’m afraid.

The second Gravedigger book should be arriving fairly soon. It’s gone through the editing process and now needs to be slotted onto the Pro Se publishing schedule, formatted and all the other back-end stuff that they do so well. Hopefully you’ll have the new Charity Grace adventure soon.

I teased a few days ago that Chris Batista will be doing another image for me and I’m pretty excited about it — obviously, I’ll let everybody know more about it as we move forward.

Not much else to talk about today… in fact, I’m considering moving to a less active posting schedule. We’ve had daily updates for years now but my time is getting increasingly scarce. We’ll see. I wouldn’t want to deprive all of you! lol

Anyway, I should be back tomorrow — so stay tuned!

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