New Lazarus Gray Reviews

eidolon_and_darkling_01_low_resA couple of new Lazarus Gray reviews have been posted over the past few days so let’s see what fans are saying!

First up is a review from New Pulp author Ralph Angelo. Ralph reviewed The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Three: Eidolon:

Barry Reese makes magic, especially with his series set in the classic pulp era of the late 30’s. The newest release in the Lazarus Gray series. Subtitled ‘Eidolon’ is no exception. Within the first few pages the book had my total attention. It’s another adventure into the unknown with larger than life thugs, Nazi’s, mummies and immortal sorceress’s.

But the real bad guy in this book was a character named The Darkling who reminded me very much of a classic pulp hero, at least until he seemed to lose his mind completely by stories end. This was just another fun romp with ‘Lazarus Gray and Assistance Unlimited’. I’ve come to enjoy this series very much, and that hasn’t changed with each new release. Barry has these characters down pat and they leap off the page into full life in the reader’s imagination. These are great stories.

Was there anything I didn’t like? Yes, two things but I have to assume they are story points that will be revisited in a later volume, so I’m reserving judgment until I see where Barry goes with this all. I’m sure it’ll be exciting. Lazarus Gray: Eidolon. Go buy it and read it. It’s very enjoyable and a lot of fun.

Thanks, Ralph! I’m really curious what things you didn’t enjoy but hopefully, as you suggest, they’re elements that are picked up on in the next book. I’d disagree that the real villain was The Darkling, though — I think that even with his violent actions, he’s still far more heroic than the villains that they face off with! Still, I’m really pleased that you liked the book!

Meanwhile, Ray Bara posted a 5-star review over on of The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Four: Satan’s Circus:

Wow! It doesn’t get much better than this! Barry Reese knows how to write New Pulp. This edition of Lazarus Gray was excellent. There were only two stories in this volume, but they were both dynamite. First, Lazarus Gray and his team link up with Thunder Jim Wade and his pals for a globetrotting battle with “Leviathan”. Of course, the action didn’t stop the whole time and Barry brought another great “old pulp” character into the Reeseverse – Thunder Jim Wade – and brought him in with a bang. Then, in the second story, Barry wraps up a story line he’s been developing since Volume 2 by having Lazarus and company tangle with Doctor Satan and Satan’s Circus. Other great Reeseverse characters are back here, including the Darkling, Eidolon, and Abigail Cross. Again, this story was action-packed and the fun didn’t stop until the end. And was I sad to see it end! I know Barry has finished Volume 5 of this series. I hope Pro Se Press has the smarts to get it published soon. And I hope you have the smarts to start reading Barry Reese and all his New Pulp goodness.

Ray, I appreciate your kind words! It was a lot of fun and I’m pretty proud of the overall storyline that comprised books 2-4.

I hope both you guys will enjoy the future books in the series!

Our artwork today is courtesy of George Sellas and depicts Eidolon and The Darkling.

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