A New Satan’s Circus Review!

lg4_frontispiece_smallOver on Amazon, reader Pat Casey has posted his thoughts about the newest volume in the Lazarus Gray series – Satan’s Circus. Here’s what he had to say:

In the first story, Leviathan Rising, we are introduced to (public domain character)Thunder Jim Wade and his companions as they are attacked by the minions of a mysterious underworld figure named Leviathan.

Lazarus Gray & his Assistance Unlimited organization are attacked in a similar fashion which soon leads to a team up between both groups.

Leviathan and a mystery companion are confronted by our heroes which ends in a blazing battle.

Satan’s Circus,the second story, sees the return of another public domain character in the form of the red cloaked & devil horned Dr. Satan!

The Darkling’s origin is spotlighted at the first of this story. We see what depths this great character has gone through to become the cold blooded skull faced killer.

We also see the return of Eidolon & a character thought dead who’s stories intertwine with that of the crimson clad Satan.

Dr. Satan leads the newly christened “Satan’s Circus” (formerly the Devils Circus last seen in vol. 2) on a spree of murder through Sovereign City in search of priceless gem. The climax has our heroes team up in a mix of gun play & magic to try and defeat Dr. Satan and his companions.

George Sellas provides the incredible cover/interior art as well as Lazarus Gray’s origin story in graphic form. (An art book featuring Sellas’ work in the Reese Universe would be a nice addition to my collection!)

Barry Reese is able to combine pulp & comic book style stories in a perfect blend. I would be delighted to see an entire novel (much like Tales of The Rook) where more of his Reese Universe characters are spotlighted in solo adventures. One story featuring The Darkling, another with Leonid Kaslov, another with The Dark Gentleman etc.

Mr. Reese is also great at taking public domain characters and breathing new life into them. His past success with The Black Terror, Ascott Keane & Dr. Satan (among others)are great examples of taking forgotten or misused characters and elevating them to main event players.

I’m sure Barry Reese’s upcoming cross over novel Götterdämmerung (featuring Lazarus Gray, The Rook & Gravedigger among others) will no doubt continue to thrill us with death traps, heroes who feel like old friends & new villains who we will love to hate!

A definite 5 out of 5.

Buy it. Read it. You will love it.

Thanks, Pat! I had a blast writing the book and I think it ended up showing on the final printed page. I hope to maintain the high standards with future books.

Again, the review is much appreciated!

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