My Favorite Pulp Comics – Of All Time!

shadowdocsavageToday I’m listing out my Top 10 Favorite Pulp Comics of all time.

The rules are simple: it has to be a comic book based upon an actual pulp character. So The Rocketeer doesn’t count and neither does Will Eisner’s Spirit. Both may be pulp in “spirit” (Hah!) but they’re not based on actual classic pulp heroes.

So let’s get started, shall we?

10. John Carter, Warlord of Mars (1977, Marvel)
9. Tarzan (1972, DC)
8. Doc Savage Magazine (1975, Marvel)
7. Conan the Barbarian (1970)
6. Savage Sword of Conan (1974, Marvel)
5. The Shadow (1973, DC)
4. The Shadow: Blood and Judgment (DC, 1986)
3. The Shadow Strikes! (1989, DC)
2. The Shadow/Green Hornet: Dark Nights (2013, Dynamite)
1. The Shadow: Year One (2013, Dynamite)

As you can see, my love of The Shadow may have tainted the list somewhat 😉

What are some of your favorites, folks?


  1. (Whoops replied to the wrong thread…)

    My favorite pulp-adaptation has to be Tarzan at the Earth’s Core by Darkhorse in I think the 90s? Great concept. Alas, I only snagged the first two issues. I should go back and look for a compilation…

    Otherwise, I get excited anytime I see Doc Savage in comic form (except the lame DC ones). It’s always a blast to see Doc, Monk and Ham brought to life in a comic–even the ridiculous Marvel story where Doc met Spiderman.

  2. Great to read of your affection for the Marvel Warlord of Mars series. We’re currently working on an RPG of that series, and would love to hear about what makes the series distinctively pulpy for you!

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