Guest Blog: That’s What Friends Are For

DasSometimes we reach points in our lives that cause our daily routine to change. That has been the case for the past several months. I have gone from being an Assistant Director of a public library system to unemployed and unsure about my future. I’m taking a guest spin on Barry’s blog to “pimp” myself out and to just give a little commentary on the challenges of life.

My name is LaToya Davidson and I’m a “life experiences” type of writer. Through my friendship with Barry, I have become more confident in my ability, so much so that I even have a bi-monthly column in Georgia’s oldest continuously published newspaper, The Union-Recorder (you can access my content here). Yep, just a little positive affirmation from someone can make a world of difference. I’m more of a poet and general blogger. However, I have been tossing around the idea of writing a novella for some time.  Barry can attest to the frequency of this particular idea that hasn’t come to fruition. And although I began writing this post with a different outcome in mind, I think that what I’d like to share is that it’s never too late to start over or to be reminded of what it is that you love.

I spent over a decade working in public libraries and during that time have amassed a number of skills and proficiencies. It is because of that experience that I am now able to have a better idea what it is that I enjoy doing, what I want to do when I grow up. Now don’t get me wrong, I have bad days. Today was one of them. However, what I’ve learned from the man, Barry Reese, is that no matter how bad things get, you can always hold on to what you love. He’d also gone through a really difficult period and for a moment closed his writing doors. But then he realized that the one thing that always brings him joy is writing. I have also come to that realization. The only difference is that Barry’s mind is fruitful with many wonderfully ripe plots and characters. Mine, not so much. But like anything you love, you don’t necessarily have to be any good at it. It’s like you singing along to your favorite song in the car or belting it out in the shower, you do it because you love it. Yes, accolades are nice but even without them, you’ll still do it.

I’m presently unemployed…well, yes, I’m unemployed. I’ve spent many of my days applying to jobs and thinking about the road that I’d now like to travel. My dream is to have my own successful administrative services business. I have the business but it’s not yet successful. You can find more information on that here and here. But I have also realized that writing and reading, a favorite childhood pastime, is still something that I love to do. Sometimes it takes us going through those tough times to put life into perspective. Today I was upset. I was angry and annoyed but with the passing hours I’ve become a lot more appreciative of what it is that I’ve done and what it is that I can still do. It’s like Barry tells anyone who wants to know about writing, just write. You write even when you don’t feel you have anything to say, you write because it’s a part of who you are and what you love. Sure, it may not all be Pulitzer quality stuff, but it’s who you are and if it makes you happy, be happy for you.

So here’s me shamelessly pimping myself out there. If you’re looking for a virtual assistant or someone to help you with creating a basic website or any other administrative tasks, please contact me. I am Davidson Administrative Services.


  1. If you tell enough people about the things you plan to do, eventually they’ll presure you into actually doing them. That’s the theory I work under anyway. 😀

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